An HTTP Status hack to rule them all

By Erin Griffith , written on November 28, 2012

From The News Desk

Here's a fun hack for your Wednesday morning, because why not?

Ricky Robinett, API architect of food ordering service, is a bit of a hackathon legend, it seems. He's built Worldof4craft, a site that turns the world into a game of Risk using Foursquare, and Happstr, a StartupBus project that helps you track, understand, and anayze your happiness. He also made (Answer: HELL YES!). And of course,, the online tool that lets you create your own unique FakeGirlfriend and use her to fool your friends and family.

His latest does not disappoint -- it's a rapper-themed set of HTTP statuses. (Stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. For the non-technical among us, let's just say these response codes are the online equivalent of "10-4" and "Roger that." Coders, please don't attack me for over-simplifying.)

HTTP Statuses are apparently a popular category to hack. There's already HTTP Status dogs, and the original, HTTP status cats.

Check it out to see rappers all up in our Internet. Nicki Minaj is 101 - Switching Protocols, 2pac is 410 - Gone, and The Fresh Prince is 301- Moved Permanently. My favorite is probably HTTP Status 200 - OK, featuring (duh), Lil Jon.

Here's where I should probably make some sort of a joke about having 99 problems and 404 Not Found ain't one, right? Or about Robinett not being a player, he just hacks a lot? Yeahhhhh, nevermind. Back to work, everyone.