Ray Ozzie's Cocomo raises $4M for "cloud-based backends"

By Erin Griffith , written on December 3, 2012

From The News Desk

Cocomo, the Boston-based startup founded by former Microsoft exec and Lotus Notes creator Ray Ozzie, has raised $4 million in venture backing in debt, according to an SEC filing. The company, doing business as Talko Inc., has been super stealthy about its purpose. Its homepage isn't much more descriptive.

The best we've got is what AllThingsD pulled from a job posting in January:

A new day has dawned as it relates to how we might interact with one another, and a handful of us are just starting work on a new communications product for this new world,” the company said in the posting. “We’ve got huge goals, pragmatic plans, and a sense of urgency.
How very cryptic. He told CNET in March that the company was focused on "cloud-based backends," as well as phones and tablets.

Ozzie left Microsoft in 2010 after taking on Bill Gates' role as Chief Software Architect. Word of the startup surfaced at the beginning of this year, when he began posting job ads in the Boston and Seattle areas.

Ozzie has recruited two former Microsofters, Ransom Richardson, Matt Pope, and Ari Goldberg, to build the secret communications company.