The first six months of PandoMonthly 2013. Become a member and see them all

By Sarah Lacy , written on December 3, 2012

From The News Desk

One complaint we've heard from existing members is that it was hard to plan around our PandoMonthly events, because we weren't always great at telling you in advance when they were coming up.

In 2013, we're going to try to be a lot better about it, and -- fair warning for non-members! -- we're also going to be putting tickets on sale much sooner. So if you think you might be able to grab one the week before, you'll likely be out of luck. We're rebuilding our events page now to make all of this a lot clearer.

To that end, we've already planned out the first six months of the year, and I wanted to share the list and dates with you. Mark your calendars if it's someone you really want to see, as most of these will sell out quickly.

Or better yet, become a member and guarantee that you can see your favorites. Packages start at just $400 and include not only VIP entry to events but special member-only events throughout the year in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, as well as a few fun giveaways.

As regular attendees know, the $20 ticket price doesn't come close to covering our costs, given we also fill you full of beer and pizza. We could charge more, but we want the event to be as accessible as possible. So buying a membership is a great way to give back to the community. You're essentially subsidizing the tickets of students, developers, and young entrepreneurs who don't have expense accounts. (If you want to support the series even more, become a sponsor! Email Jeanne at for details.)

And even our priciest package -- which is totally transferrable and includes 20 PandoMonthly events in three cities -- is just $2,000, far less than a ticket to almost any tech conference. That package has already been popular with venture firms and larger tech companies with offices in multiple cities.

To whet your appetite, here's our lineup for the first six months. Check back to the events page regularly for updates on the few TBAs below. You'll note we are taking a few off months in San Francisco and New York throughout the year to give the schedule a little breathing room and really make sure we're keeping the quality up. If there's a hot story that month and we can snag a newsy guest, we may add one in. If not, we may do one of our member-only events that month.

January 10: Airbnb Founder & CEO Brian Chesky in San Francisco

January 24: Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson in New York

January 31: Nasty Gal Founder & Chief Troublemaker Sophia Amoruso in Los Angeles

Feburary 7: First Round Capital's Josh Kopelman in New York

February 21: Dropbox CEO Drew Houston in San Francisco

March 7: Index Ventures' Danny Rimer in San Francisco

(April guest in New York; guest TBD soon)

May 9: Co-founder Honest Company and Co-founder & CEO ShoeDazzle Brian Lee in Los Angeles

May 16: Andreessen Horowitz partner Chris Dixon in New York

May 29: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers' John Doerr in San Francisco

June 13: Union Square Ventures' Fred Wilson in New York

We don't have the exact details confirmed yet, but Twitter CEO Dick Costolo will be our June guest in San Francisco, and we should have a very exciting LA guest that month too. Later in the year we have Marc Andreessen, Warby Parker's Neil Blumenthal, and many more. Details will be on our event page as soon as I have them.

We only have one or two holes left for the year, and plenty of demand to fill them. It's going to be a great year of conversations with the people who created and funded much of the Web, and those who are taking it to new levels.

If you've missed our events in 2012, check out our "best of" reel from earlier this year. As a first time entrepreneur, I learned more during these conversations than any book on entrepreneurship I've ever read. You can find all the full videos of the talks on our events page. (Yes, for all those who've asked, they are coming to iTunes...)

Note: Skip to 6:47 for the mediocre super powers.