WITN: A big debate on why The Daily failed and how lean a media company can get

By Sarah Lacy , written on December 3, 2012

From The News Desk

This week's WITN features another debate about how you build a media company in this day and age, but it's slightly less contentious than last week's fight (which most commenters seem to agree that I totally won).

This week, Paul and I talk about the death of Rupert Murdoch's The Daily. We agree on a lot of the reasons it died, but disagree on the ranking and severity of the reasons. Then Paul loses his mind over Hamish's love of The Magazine, while I come in somewhere in between the love and the hate at a nice even respect for the effort. Then we talk about our regrets of the week. We also cover Richard Branson, and why leanness isn't next to Godliness when it comes to building content companies. If you watch long enough, Paul insults a competing blog. And I eat a quesadilla in about 30 seconds.

It's basically an hour of serious nerding out about media business models. Enjoy, all five of you.

And going forward, we're also making audio transcripts of every new WITN episode available to download or stream from Soundcloud: