WITN: Skip this week if you are sick of hearing about embargoes

By Sarah Lacy , written on December 12, 2012

From The News Desk

I swear to God, I don't look for fights. My best days are those when I simply wake up, edit amazing posts, write a few good ones, learn something new about the industry, and have some witty banter with readers.

But unfortunately running a blog seems to make you inherently combative. Or maybe I happen to hold views that clash with the world. Who knows?

Anyway, yesterday I lost my mind about embargoes again, after a botched one on our site. As I said on Twitter yesterday morning, I don't think the world has any stomach for another post about how much embargoes suck. It's one of those things everyone -- entrepreneurs, PR people, and journalists -- all agree on. But for whatever reason the people who control the game don't change it.

Well, since we tend to discuss things on this show that much of the world doesn't have the stomach for, we decided to get into it here. Hopefully there's something new to the discussion other than "Oh waaaaaah, PR people suck," and some practical suggestions for approaching us in the future.

We also talk one foolproof way to get great press, Christmas, hoodies, and hypocrisy. Enjoy!