Tickets for January's PandoMonthlys in SF, NYC and LA on sale now

By Sarah Lacy , written on December 17, 2012

From The News Desk

This past year, we usually put tickets for our PandoMonthly events on sale the week before. I always assumed that was plenty of time, since they usually sold out in a day or so. But several readers complained that we weren't giving them enough time to plan around the events. So we're trying to get our act together a little earlier this time around.

Starting now, we've got tickets for our San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles PandoMonthly events on sale now. Go here to buy them now. They are just $20 and include all the pizza and beer your New Year's Resolution will allow you to consume.

In San Francisco on January 10, we have Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb. Airbnb got hot in 2011, but in 2012 it really matured as a company, surviving early scandals and growing pains to scale into a legitimate force in the lodging industry. Many people I've spoken with give credit to Chesky, some even call him one of the best young CEOs in Silicon Valley right now.

In this talk, Chesky will take us through his successes and failures and how the company has morphed from a libertarian, anti-rules brat to a thoughtful company who responded responsibly to the its Hurricane Sandy moment.

And we'll talk about Airbnb's future as one of the highest valued, still-private consumer Web companies in the Valley.

In New York on January 24, we'll have Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson. Etsy seems one of the most likely candidates to be the big $1 billion, non-ad tech exit the New York ecosystem is looking for. But it didn't always look that way. Like Twitter, Etsy is a rare company that has survived two ousted CEOs. Like Airbnb, it has created more than just an ecosystem around its site -- it's created a whole mini-economy.

Etsy is notoriously shy in the New York scene, preferring to put up results and not talk. So this one took a few months of arm-twisting. This is a must attend for anyone serious about building a big company in New York.

In Los Angeles on January 31, we have NastyGal founder Sophia Amoruso. NastyGal is one of the hottest companies in LA right now, and like Etsy, it has preferred to operate quietly with its head down. This is the first on stage sit down Amoruso has agreed to, and the first woman we've had on stage at PandoMonthly.

Investors have been agog at Amoruso's instincts and natural ability to take a business as challenging as ecommerce and build it to a $130 million revenue run rate business with almost no venture capital. As she told us before, she learned a lot of it by watching how-to videos on YouTube.

Amoruso is a testament to the fact that great entrepreneurs don't necessarily need the support of a huge ecosystem and a fat rolodex to build something huge. It'll be an honest conversation, because I'm not sure Amoruso even has a filter.

I'm extremely excited about starting off the year with this lineup. Developers and entrepreneurs have called this series their post-college entrepreneurship education, and you'd be hard pressed to find three better CEOs to learn from right now. Buy tickets for yourself and surprise a colleague for Christmas. They won't last long!