It's here: Your annual First Round portfolio company envy video

By Sarah Lacy , written on December 19, 2012

From The News Desk

I have made many mistakes in starting PandoDaily. Chief among them was telling Josh Kopelman he had to invest personally, not as part of First Round Capital. Clearly, I'd forgotten about my annual desire to be in the always epic First Round Capital Holiday video.

Here's this year's video. Watch it right now:

A few observations:

  • Watching this, I wondered if FRC thought there was no way a song could compete with "Call Me Maybe" and started work on it before the Gangnam Style phenomenon. Hence, the mashup?
  • How did they not go with "Fund me maybe" for the chorus?
  • I wish First Round really had a band where Rob Hayes played the cow bell.
  • I was slightly disappointed with Bradford Shellhammer from Fab's horsey dance. It wasn't bad I just always have very high expectations of Shellhammer. But his blue tux was appropriately Bradford-y fabulous.
  • I was most impressed with the moves from the Birchbox founders. Putting Marissa Mayer in the Ed Lee/ MC Hammer video to shame!
  • There was a lot of dancing in public places. Next year, I want tips when you see these shoots going down, New Yorkers! I will trade any First Round Holiday video spoiler footage for tshirts.
We did a great interview with Kopelman on the history of these Holiday videos for the PandoList. Check it out here to relive the past and compare how production values have grown along with our expectations: