Trustifi raises capital to postmark email

By Erin Griffith , written on December 19, 2012

From The News Desk

Trustifi is a Montreal and Las Vegas-based startup which aims to kill paper. Today the company raised $1 million in new venture backing.

The company recently received approval on a US patent for postmarked email, its core service that digitally signs email with an electronic time stamp. It fingerprints emails and their attachments, acting as a third party verification system. The idea is to make critical communications secure without having to do them on paper. It's an alternative to certified mail.

The company has targeted the heathcare and financial services markets to make corporate communications simple and paperless. The death of paper is a market many startups are trying to tackle. Bizodo, a recent graduate of ERA's summer accelerator program, has launched earlier this year to do just that. The company has enterprise clients including local governments, law firms, and companies like AOL, HP, Univision, Paypal, and Aflac on its platform. Meanwhile companies like Dotloop bring paperwork automation tools to the real estate industry. Startups like Handshake are bringing small business transactions that use paper invoices online with its iPas and iPhone apps.

It seems a little insane that no one has solved the paperwork issue yet when things like fax machines are such a joke. But if Rupert Murdoch is still having his emails printed for him, there's probably still a demand for paper transactions.

Now Trustifi has $1 million in fresh capital to acquire customers for its offering. The company is run by Peter Benisti, former managing partner of boutique investment and business development venture iSimplifi.