bMobilized lands $2.5 million Series A for mobile website conversion tools

By Erin Griffith , written on December 20, 2012

From The News Desk

bMobilized moved from Oslo to New York for the city's vibrant tech scene, but it's investors are still majority Norwegian. The company, which allows small businesses to convert their websites to HTML5, has raised $2.5 million in Series A backing from Alliance Venture, Investinor and Alden AS. The Norway firms had previously invested $1.5 million into the company. Spring Capital and Redwood Partners from the US have also invested.

bMobilized's platform solves a common problem for small, local business operators. Just in the way that many of these business owners were unsure how to go about getting on the web in the late 90's, many are intimidated and confused by mobile. Only two percent of small business websites are optimized for the dominant mobile systems, according to an SMB DigitalScape. The idea behind bMobilized is that these owners can very simply convert their site to HTML5, optimizing for all mobile platforms. The service charges $9 a month to do so.

Plenty of business owners see the importance of having a mobile-optimized site. Mobile has grown to take a significant portion of Web traffic -- 10 percent this year, according to Mary Meeker. And it's driving sales. Which is why companies like bMobilized and Dudamobile have grown like weeds. For it's part, bMobilized has grown 400 percent this year, the company said. Meanwhile companies aiming to help businesses build mobile sites from scratch are a dime a dozen too: Mdot, Wix, goMobi and Ziblio are among them.

bMobilize differentiates itself with an array of tools that include mobile advertising, mobile commerce, and next-to-no maintenance. The 14-person company moved to New York in 2010.

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