Trade your mass holiday text for a song

By Erin Griffith , written on December 25, 2012

From The News Desk

Here's a festive hack for Christmas day. It's just about inevitable that, starting around midnight last night and lasting all day today, your phone will be a-buzz with generic "Merry Christmas!" mass text messages from just about every random person in your contact list. Rather than join that chorus of bland, why not send a song?

HolidaySongs is a project by the guy behind as-yet-to-launch Songsicle. It's a purposely dead simple way to send a song to someone. You just pick a song, write a quick message, add your recipients and it's sent. The recipients get to stream the song from within the email or Facebook message they get.

Even as a connoisseur of Christmas music (aka I'm obsessed), I was impressed with the selection of songs that even included a few I hadn't heard. There were also this year's big hits, of course, DMX doing Rudolf and Mariah with Jimmy Fallon.

HolidaySongs acts as a precursor to Songsicle, the mobile app version of the same thing. Denbow plans to launch it soon, with the idea that people love to share songs and it should be simple to do so. Music can be a tool for communication, including expression of emotions to others beyond simply listening. Songsicle aims to mirror some of the ideas behind the ringtone industry from years ago, Denbow says.

Yes, you can already send songs on Spotify. But that requires your friends being Spotify users, which requires them also being Facebook users, and friends with you on Facebook. And it's a pretty boring user experience. HolidaySongs, and eventually, Songsicle, will just make it super simple and sweet. Just as any holiday greeting should be.

[Image by Laura Musselman Duffy]