We don't have a trailer or an elaborate set, but Nathaniel Mott is headed to CES

By Nathaniel Mott , written on January 7, 2013

From The News Desk

You may have heard, what with the dozens of announcements and predictions, that CES is this week. Vegas is now host to a lot of companies, a lot of consumer goods, and a lot of tech reporters who may or may not be feeling the same way a bunch of frat guys feel when they visit the Strip.

I am one of those reporters, and unlike most every other sites and news organization, I'm by my lonesome. I'm sure this isn't a first in CES history, but it sure feels like it next to that air-conditioned trailer from The Verge. In fact, Sarah wouldn't even put me up in some fancy Strip hotel. I'm staying in her apartment in Downtown Vegas. Call it "CES 2013: The Lean Startup Version."

CES seems to have a polarizing effect on the technorati. Some, like the ever-eloquent MG Siegler, aren't sold by the show and think that a trade event that's missing, you know, some of the biggest technology companies, is inherently flawed. Others are excited by all of the new products and use CES as a yardstick to get a feel for what 2013 might look like for technology.

The day before the event proper, I fall into the latter camp. I've never been to CES or any other trade show (or Vegas) before, and a week devoted to new hardware sounds like a dream come true for a product guy like myself. I'm excited, even though Sarah's advice "You can rest when it's over" sounds a lot like "You can rest when you're dead," making me wonder whether I should have written out my will before leaving Brooklyn.

I'm clearly not going to be able to talk to, meet with, or even see every company or product announced, teased, or thrust into the hands of rabid gadget reporters. Hell, I'll be lucky if I see even one-tenth of what's announced. You won't be reading a flurry of CES-related updates on the main blog – that's what the Ticker is for. But I will be writing (hopefully) regular dispatches from the land of the shiny, and my intent is to write stories that are worth reading despite the (excellent) coverage from other websites.

Which means avoiding the "write a short post about every single announcement" race and trying to take a step back. Company "A" announcing product "X" doesn't have much of a place on PandoDaily. Companies "A, B, and C" announcing products "X, Y, and Z" are more our speed, so those are the kinds of posts I'll be shooting for. Let me know if you think there's anyone or anything I should be looking out for.

[Image courtesy JD Hancock]