Meet Musical Toilet, the latest innovation in the "connected bathroom"

By Erin Griffith , written on January 22, 2013

From The News Desk

It's only Tuesday but I can already call it: Musical Toilet is the hack of the week. Yes, I have a soft spot for silly and/or ridiculous hacks. (See previously: ShoutRoulette, Rapper HTTP Statuses, Hackfood, CouchCachet.) This is exactly that, with a little childish bathroom humor thrown in for fun.

Built by Penn students Kyle Hardgrave and Alex Rattray at this weekend's PennApps Hackathon, Musical Toilet requires one to be okay with having a camera over their toilet. It also requires that you be capable of standing up to urinate. Once you meet those requirements, start peeing. Annnnd that marks time I've ever written those words professionally. Or personally, really.

Anyway, the webcam picks up on the stream and uses Soundcloud integration to begin playing a song called "Party Pants" to accompany your bathroom break. if you don't like the song, move your stream to the left, and it'll change to a new one. If you'd like to share your urination soundtrack on Twitter, just move your stream over to the right. Musical Toilet will share your song with its Twitter followers through the @MusicalToilet twitter account.

— The Musical Toilet (@MusicalToilet) January 20, 2013 Congrats, you have now communicated with a bodily function. This is precisely the sort of useless, over-the-top ridiculousness that I'd expect to find rigged up in the bathroom of a college house full of hackers. Here's the code repository if you'd like to try installing a Musical Toilet in your own house. Here it is in action:

However, before I get too carried away on its uselessness, I must note that musical toilets are an actual thing. Our intrepid PennApps hackers are not the first to tackle innovations in the intersection of music and urination. The "battle for the connected bathroom" is coming to the American home, the New York Times reports!

For example, a Kohler Numi toilet has a heated seat, music, a remote control and a lid that automatically raises and lowers. The Inax stool also has music. As does Toto's Apricot. If you'd rather not shell out approximately 81 times the cost of a regular toilet for one of those special commodes, try this Instructables DIY project instead. It shows you how to install an audio player that coincides with the flushing of a toilet. Or buy a Toilet Tunes unit from your local SkyMall.

And of course, the less technologically inclined products of Jammin' Johns provide music to your rear. That is their slogan. Music to your rear.

Still, our PennApps Musical Toilet seat might be the first social media-enabled version. One third of young adults use social media in the bathroom already. I'm not sure they all use it to talk about what they're doing in bathroom. But now they can. Welcome to the future.

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