Etsy's Year in Review: 22 million members, $895 million in sales

By Erin Griffith , written on January 24, 2013

From The News Desk

Etsy is eight years old, which is ancient in startup years. But the company, despite experiencing several bouts of management turmoil in its lifetime, has maintained steady growth into maturity.

At tonight's PandoMonthly in New York, Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson announced the handmade marketplace's 2012 sales and user stats. Last year Etsy's merchants sold $895.1 million in gross merchandize, representing a 71 percent increase over last year's $525 million. The company added 10 million new members to its platform last year, bringing its total membership to 22 million.

The site has more than 800,000 active sellers and 42 million monthly uniques.

Dickerson noted that he was especially proud of the growth in users, because Etsy is a marketplace -- it has plenty of sellers but needs to balance that with buyers for it to be a liquid, vibrant marketplace. He attributed the growth in users, in part, to sellers promoting their own shops on social media. Etsy's brick and mortar holiday pop-up store helped, too -- half of the foot traffic that store got had never heard of Etsy before.

The company also spent the year investing in mobile -- releasing an Android app and an iPad app. The company this week acquired the app Mixel to boost its mobile efforts.

Of course, Dickerson also likes to tout the personal touch of Etsy's marketplace of handmade goods. "You dont get a handwritten note from Jeff Bezos when you bus something from amazon," he said.