January 2013

  1. With peer pressure and actionable advice, HelloFax aims to kill paper in 2013 (for good this time)

    It's incredible how much time that a tech blogger like me spends thinking about paper. Every time another startup pitches me on their plan to "kill paper, for good this time!" I think, "I can't believe this is still a problem that needs solving." From my Silicon Valley-tinted view of the world and roaming coffee shop cubicle, I can't help but assume paper is as extinct as the fax machine.

    By Erin Griffith , written on

    From the News desk

  2. The party is over: Practical startup advice for surviving an austere 2013

    Fiscal cliffs. Series A crunches. Down-rounds and startup deaths. This is starting to sound more like Halloween than New Year, a zombie or ghoul around every corner, waiting with an ax to take to your company’s jugular. Unfortunately this isn’t make believe. It’s yet another "new normal" in an ever-changing startup environment. It’s not new, however. It’s a remake of an old movie – same script, different director and cast.

    By Philip Beauregard , written on

    From the News desk

  3. Finally, a year when mobile doesn't seem like a two-horse race

    Writing about mobile feels a lot like writing about politics during an election year. Contenders are simplified into easily understood archetypes -- "Mitt Romney hates Big Bird!" "iOS is nothing but a walled garden!" -- and seen as "evil" or "good," numbers are crunched as onlookers quantify the race to the top -- or, as no one has ever said, "Gettin' their Nate Silver on" -- and the contest is made to seem like there are only two candidates, despite other parties -- the Green Party, Windows Phone, etc. -- vying for that top spot. But maybe, just maybe, 2013 will be a little different.

    By Nathaniel Mott , written on

    From the News desk

  4. The Web in 2013: Already old, or forever young?

    New Year's Day has long been one of my favorite holidays. It caps a week of year-in-review stories that underscores how ghastly the past year has been – fiscal cliffs, mass shootings, super storms – and then for a few glorious minutes you're in a crowd of ecstatic people screaming, embracing, giddy again about the possibility, however sketchy, that great things are about to happen.

    By Kevin Kelleher , written on

    From the News desk

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