PandoMonthly New York with First Round Capital's Josh Kopelman, the full interview

By Nathaniel Mott , written on February 8, 2013

From The News Desk

Wait, didn't we just do one of these? Never mind. First Round Capital's Josh Kopelman schlepped over from Philadelphia last night to join us for another sunless PandoMonthly New York.

Kopelman, who wore his "Gangnam Style" suit from First Round Capital's 2012 holiday video and suffered through our montage of memorable First Round Capital cinematic hijinks, talked to our own Sarah Lacy about the paradox of venture capital's lack of innovation, why he thinks First Round Capital's Hack PR experiment doesn't promote lazy journalism, PR and VCs in general, and why being a seed investor is like being a baby nurse instead of a babysitter.

The full video is available for streaming below. We'd like to thank Projective Space for sponsoring the event and remind you that if you have any interest in sponsoring a future event to email Jeanne(at)PandoDaily(dot)com.