WITN: The snowed in edition

By Sarah Lacy , written on February 11, 2013

From The News Desk

Another New York PandoMonthly, another storm. We're like the groundhogs of Nor'easters.

While the PandoDaily video crew is back home in San Francisco safe and sound, Paul Carr and I were stranded in New York until late Saturday night. Just watching the snow. Again. So why not produce a show for our seven loyal fans?

In this episode we talk about something many year old startups don't fixate on: Revenues. We also talk Netflix and cable and Amazon Prime. And then, Paul says something that no one has said for years: He decided to buy a Blackberry. Tune in (and skip to the end) to see his profanity laced rant on why he didn't wind up buying one.

For some reason it took days for Paul to upload the too-long video. But enjoy nonetheless!

[Main Image courtesy of WikiMedia]