Tapestry, a Betaworks storytelling app, now on Android

By Erin Griffith , written on February 14, 2013

From The News Desk

Tapestry is an easy way to tell stories that have an element of, um,

... … ...


Thanks to a novel tapping mechanism, the app allows storytellers to inject pauses into their tales. So comedians love it. So do poets. So do fans of adorable stories like I Found Your Mitten. Imagine a slideshow on your phone that is somehow not nearly as annoying as a slideshow on your computer. You simply tap it. The app launched out of Betaworks last year and has earned the right to live on -- Betaworks kills many of its experiments -- thanks to its small but growing and engaged user base.

Today Tapestry takes an important to step to expand that user base by launching on Android. It's Betaworks' first Android launch since Tweetdeck, says Jana Trantow, the project's lead.

Trantow wound down her prior startup, an event-planning app Fun Org, after it was not able to scare up the funding it needed to keep going. It also faced the scaling problems that haunt any site reliant on human curation.

But Betaworks knew a well-designed app when it saw one -- the startup studio snapped up Trantow and the Fun Org team and put them in charge of one one of the many promising apps the startup has rolled out in the last few months. The firm recently reiterated its belief in the consumer web -- a contrarian play amid enterprise fever -- in its annual report.

"They decided there is something there, so we're building a team around the product to go forward," Trantow says. The site's most-viewed stories have topped 10,000 readers.

Tapestry has partnered with groups like Somecards, Comedy Hack Day and HughMcLeod. The next step is to build a new platform, from which publishers can push content directly into the app, and an improved editor so that the stories can be tweaked on the fly. As it stands, they take a bit of work to create, but the reward is richer (and thanks to the pauses, more charming) than a single Instagram photo or a choppy, out-of-context video.

Thankfully, Tapestry has done a little storytelling work for us. The company today created a handful of cute Valentines Day-related stories. Enjoy.