LAUNCH: Anybot(y) looking for funding?

By Kym McNicholas , written on March 5, 2013

From The News Desk

We were setting up the studio backstage at the LAUNCH Festival, when we got a surprise visitor: Anybot. Actually, it’s the QB model to be specific (whatever that means). His name is Noland Katter. Or should I say, the man behind the robot, is Noland Katter. Katter was testing out his buddy from the demo pit and sent it strolling around backstage while the accelerator panel was entertaining the audience.

I’ve seen these robots before. They’re a mobile telepresence system. Instead of being virtually present on a stationary screen, a person can remotely control their presence at a meeting. They can see anything, anywhere they move the robot. The controller's face appears on a little screen on the robot’s face, so others can see them. The robot’s eyes are the camera, which send back the images in the room and helps the controller navigate the robot around the room, or in this case, the conference.

The company is looking for money. Who better to send around a conference filled with investors, then a cute robot with a bow tie. It’s just like sending around a little girl to sell those "Thin Mint" Girl Scout cookies. Even if you don’t want the cookie, you can't resist the salesperson.

Check out my interview with the robot above. Below is the link to LIVE interviews at the LAUNCH conference with all of the companies coming out of hiding today. If you missed yesterday’s pitches, HERE is the link to those entrepreneur interviews. They include a company, which offers the first ever multiplayer real-time tournament platform, and a new site that allows anyone to find open appointments at hair stylists, massage therapists, or even auto mechanics, and more.

More LIVE interviews start at 11am here: