Danny Rimer's investment thesis: Clouds the whole way down

By Nathaniel Mott , written on March 7, 2013

From The News Desk

Index Ventures' Danny Rimer shared his "crazy" -- Sarah's word, not his -- investment thesis at PandoMonthly tonight, and it really comes down to one thing: The cloud.

The cloud is "such a transformational trend that we are sort of backing up the truck and really interested into getting into a number of those companies," Rimer says. "We continue to try to think through how it is going to develop." Part of that shift will involve APIs, which allow all of these platforms to interact with each other, and part of it has to do with Amazon's weakening grasp on the market.

"Today is the most exciting time for cloud because Amazon is no longer the only provider of cloud services," Rimer says. "It's pretty shocking how long they had a lead, and it didn't seem like any other company was going to get their cloud act together."

That includes Microsoft, which Rimer says is so focused on its rivalry with Google that it's leaving the cloud market open for disruption. The cloud is an interesting development in spite of, not because of, large companies, and its proliferation may be able to help nascent startups do battle with the incumbents.

And, with multiple vendors offering a variety of products and technologies at a multitude of prices, Rimer says, companies are no longer "held hostage" by Amazon. And, as cloud providers continue to refine their products, companies are able to utilize much more powerful and efficient back-ends to create increasingly interesting products.

"I think that [the cloud is] so pervasive now, it's so easy to startup a cloud instance, that it's just going to take over all infrastructure, for large companies and small companies, existing departments and for new departments."