What you missed on day two of SXSW

By Erin Griffith , written on March 9, 2013

From The News Desk

I take back everything I said yesterday about the crowds, the wifi, and the all around pleasant-ness of yesterday. Pure chaos has been unleashed.

Starting with last night: At the PandoDaily party, kegs were tapped, queso was eaten, intros were made, shop was talked. Thanks to everyone in attendance, and especially thanks to our co-hosts, Lerer Ventures and Jutera Labs.

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Salesforce offered us some social listening data on the festival: SXSW's most-mentioned keynote is Elon Musk, followed by Oatmeal's Matthew Inman. The top-mentioned startups within SXSW's Startup Village are Bloomfire, Eevzdrop and Glocal. And no surprise: Coolhaus has the most-mentioned food truck and Salt Lick is the top spot for BBQ.

About Elon Musk. Highlights from his keynote include a regret that he never published his rebuttal to the New York Times' response to his rebuttal of the paper's review of the Tesla. Still following? In other words, he is not backing down from his assertion that the reviewer acted unethically. "I would call it a low grade ethics violation. I dont think he thought he was doing anything terrible," Musk said. "It was not of the Jayson Blair crazy fabication variety, but it was not in good faith."

The crowd was incredibly friendly to Musk, applauding at these statements. He gave them what they wanted, too -- when asked how he balanced his life of running three major world-changing companies, he said his New Year's resolution was to have more fun. "So hey I'm at SXSW!" he said. The crowd responded accordingly with cheering. Why do I doubt Musk will get his rage on at any of tonight's parties?

Al Gore also spoke. Here's a liveblog from Engadget of it.

Yuri Milner of Digital Sky Technologies spoke earlier in the day about the phenomenon now known as a "DST type" deal. As reported by Forbes, "We make it so the legal documents actually reflect this trust in founders," he said. "We’re backing the founders not only emotionally but also in a legally binding way. That was a new element–not many people were used just a few years back and many are using it now.”

Over at the Long Center, Ashton Kutcher made a surprise appearance at "Two and a Half Men" producer Chuck Lorre's keynote conversation with Neil Gaiman. Wearing a baseball cap and scarf, the actor sat in the audience and got a shout-out from Lorre, who thanked him for saving the godawful TV sitcom.

— Tonya McKinney (@tonyamckinney) March 9, 2013 Musician Amanda Palmer wanted the world to know that she got introduced to Kutcher but didn't recognize him. #streetcred

— Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) March 9, 2013 GE held an event which promised to print the faces of attendees onto lattes. Yes, ridiculous and yes, obviously I checked it out. 3D Printing + latte foam is still a work in progress, guys.

photo-2 That's someone's face. Or supposed to be.

 I've probably asked 30 people which app they think is "hot" this year. Answers have been unsurprising. Highlight 2.0 is making a comeback, I've heard. And Snapchat. Tinder, the dating app.

Hamish took part in a  media panel alongside the Wall Street Journal's Sarah Needleman and Inc magazine's Eric Markowitz and hosted by Startup America. Eager startups pitched their ideas in rapid succession and got blunt, American Idol-style feedback from reporters. Hamish also got complimented on his shoes.

The Made in NY and Splash parties had the biggest crowds of the evening.

And then there's this.

And then there's this.