Everything you missed on day five of SXSW

By Erin Griffith , written on March 12, 2013

From The News Desk

Thanks to yesterday's previously described dental situation, there was no round-up. (All fine now for anyone wondering.) Everything you missed will remain missed, I'm afraid. FOMO much? Don't worry, everyone here is on the verge of falling apart from overdoing it on the BBQ, margaritas, meetings, dancing, loud shows, early morning panels and all around insanity.

As a result of the tooth incident, I named ZocDoc my official "winner" of SXSW. Michael Carney and I agreed that Uber and Sidecar's experiments utterly failed.

The best part of my dental investigation is that I learned about a SXSW event just for dentists. It's called Mouth by Mouthwest. Amazing.


There was a knitter at the Peter Thiel talk, for whatever that's worth. The Pando watercooler wondered if the talk was really that boring. I suggested that, without a phone or iPad in front of her, knitter might have been the most engaged person in the audience!

knitting pic

Yesterday Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley spoke about his biggest mistake as a founder, and that was the early emphasis on gamification. Update: Crowley clarified that he doesn't regret the gamification, he just wished his ultimate vision for Foursquare -- local search -- had been more front and center from the start. Earlier I wrote that I personally could not disagree more -- I loved Foursquare's badges. But I guess not everyone did, or Crowley is tired of Foursquare being dismissed as a frivolous game. The app is named after a game, for cripes sake.

This chart comparing SXSW to Art Basel Miami is spot-on.

As the chart denotes, Shaq, the self-professed "world's tallest geek," was indeed here. He showed up at Forbes' 30 under 30 event, where he hung out with Rick Perry and it wasn't bizarre at all.

The Hater app, which allows you to offer a "thumbs down" to social media actions, is the most buzzed-about app of SXSW, according to Salesforce listening data.

Trending headline: Word ‘Innovate’ Said 650,000 Times At SXSW So Far

Spotify founder Daniel Ek spoke. He revealed that Spotify continues to grow like crazy. The company has crossed six million paid subscriptions -- up from five million just a few months ago. And it has 24 million active users. That's still fairly low when you think about the company's $3 billion valuation.

Splash, the event planner's site, has indeed made a Splash at SXSW, powering 139 Events with 351,000 RSVPs collected and 3.5 million Splash pageviews so far. The company's own event, which Team Pando attended, had 11,000 RSVP's.

SXSW has an awards show? Who knew. That's happening tonight. If there was an award for sleaziest swag ever, it would go to our favorite app-de-sleaze, Bang With Friends. Photo via Tomprom.


Billboard has the scoop on some of the cool artificial intelligence stuff on display here.

Finnish startups made a strong showing at SXSW this year, Hamish reports.

Elon Musk may have taken some flak for coming off as smug in his keynote interview earlier this week. But many would agree he can act as smug as he wants. He is a modern day Thomas Edison. Google[x]‘s Astro Teller, who holds the Google-y title “Captain of Moonshots,” called Musk a "national treasure" today.

This Grumpy Cat stuff is starting to get a little insane, guys. This was happening on 6th Street and it was terrifying.


And that's it, people. SXSW Interactive is over. I'll still be here -- I'm doing a panel with reps from Pandora, Triton Digital and RCA tomorrow about fair fees in digital music streaming.