The sharing economy: One place online where anonymity is overrated

By Sarah Lacy , written on March 28, 2013

From The News Desk

Back by popular demand is the PandoDaily CEO Supper Club. Since our emphasis this month is on the sharing economy, our guests were some of the trend's founder/ CEOs including TaskRabbit's Leah Busque, Lyft's John Zimmer, Zaarly's Bo Fishback and -- a bit of a curve ball -- Nextdoor's Nirav Tolia.

Because so much of the sharing economy's press and hype is dominated by Airbnb, we wanted to discuss the ups and downs of the sharing economy with companies who are getting traction -- but don't quite have Airbnb's $2 billion-plus valuation.

In this clip, we discuss the seismic ramifications from the Web's shift from anonymity to identity. Consider Craigslist: The fact that anyone buys or sells anything that entails inviting a anonymous stranger into your home is stunning and proved how hungry the world was for the sharing economy long before it existed, says Zaarly's Fishback. "All of our businesses were their game to win," he says.

Adds Tolia, "One of the reason these companies are growing so quickly is because the demand was there, we just needed to remove the friction."

And two developments made that happen: Mobile and social identity.