Lyft and the great pink (douchey) mustache debate

By Sarah Lacy , written on April 1, 2013

From The News Desk

Before we go any further in this CEO Supper Club, I had to get one thing off my chest: I think Lyft's pink mustache gimmick is just awful.

It's not that I don't agree there should be a hipper, lower-cost alternative in the market to Uber. It's not that I object to something festooning the front of a car to distinguish it from the million other ride sharing and car sharing services. In fact, I think that's smart. I just think the whole ironic mustache thing is just horribly played out. (For the record no one else at the table agreed with's possible I'm just old.)

I'm not going to say I came away from the conversation ready to throw a mustache on my car. But I did come away a fan of Lyft founder John Zimmer. He was a great sport, and in the wake of my utter-bitchy-ness he made a compelling argument for why they started out with the mustaches. Even better: He emphasized they won't be using them forever, and pointed out it's not in the logo and nowhere in the actual app.

I'll take that as vindication on some level and a minor win.

Later in the conversation, Zimmer told me that if I would spend a day driving a Lyft car and donated the proceeds to charity, he'd match it ten fold. My executive producer was -- no shock-- thrilled at the potential hijinks that could ensue from filming it. As I said at the time, "Oh OK, I'll do nearly anything for charity and views." Stay tuned.