Under Complex Media, SuperGlued relaunches its concert alert app as a content play

By Erin Griffith , written on April 17, 2013

From The News Desk

Once upon a time, a handful of apps aimed to help us never miss a concert again. They pull tour dates from artists, and push them to us based on our location. Simple, yet very effective.

However. The days of winning on simple utility are over. As I outlined yesterday, Bandsintown, an app that tells five million users which bands are in town, will soon expand into content, building an "I was there" sort of scrapbooking tool. Here, fans will passively brag about all the awesome shows they saw through the app. Oh, and learn about new shows, and buy tickets while they're at it. I noted that such a move will be the perfect extension of a mere utility into something truly meaningful.

Today, Bandsintown competitor SuperGlued unveils that it beat Bandsintown to the social media punch (kinda). With a complete redesign, the app and site now put the focus on content over utility. Yes, the Superglued app still alerts you to new shows in your area. But it also acts as a place to share videos and photos from the shows as they're taking place. Artist pages start with a set of user-generated tiles (The Great Pinterestification of the web continues) that pull in video and photo content from their shows. There will be increased original content, including a TV channel featuring artist interviews.

The main utility, aside from ticket alerts, is contests, which SuperGlued uses to gather more users. Artists and concert promoters give away tickets in exchange for building social media buzz around a tour. A contest for tickets to a Rihanna show, for example, garnered 40,000 social media actions.

The site is young in its development -- SuperGlued has hundreds of artists actively using the site,* where its competitors have hundreds of thousands. But the app is early in its grasp of the importance of making meaningful artist-fan connections. Utility is nice and ticket sales are nice. But sharing, storing memories, and reliving moments? That's even nicer. It's the difference between a generally loathed brand like Ticketmaster and a generally positive brand like Instagram. Which would an artist rather be associated with?

SuperGlued also has fewer users than Bandsintown and Songkick, the other concert alert utility in the market, but it has something neither of them have: access to 65 million monthly uniques via Complex media and its media properties. The startup sold to Complex, a streetwear and hip hop lifestyle magazine started by Marc Ecko, a year ago.

Since then, SuperGlued has been leaning toward content over utility. The result is a slick-looking redesign for iOS and web.

  • A prior version of this story was not clear that SuperGlued has hundreds of thousands of artist profile pages; hundreds of artists actively manage their pages.