Who says education can't be lucrative? The early days of

By Sarah Lacy , written on April 23, 2013

From The News Desk

We certainly couldn't spend a month focusing on online education and not include The 17-year-old company grabbed the Valley's attention when it raised a whopping $103 million series A deal lead by Accel Partners in January-- a hefty series A by any standards and the most ever raised in a single round by an edtech company, according to Bloomberg.

As the deal suggests, has been anything but the classic startup story. As soon as I knew we were focusing on education this month, I wanted to sit down with founder Lynda Weinman to learn more about the story the tech blogs mostly missed while the company was outside of the startup world's limelight in a sector nearly everyone considered unsexy.

Unfortunately, my new baby and the company's Southern California headquarters kept us from being able to sit down in person, so we caught up on Skype just after I got home from the hospital. (Apologies for a few sound glitches. The Mission doesn't have Google fiber quite yet...)

In this first segment of our interview, Weinman tells us about the company's early days and how living in a small town in Souther California wasn't a detriment-- in fact, the company may never have been started otherwise.