Why not all online education is about credits

By Sarah Lacy , written on April 25, 2013

From The News Desk is an interesting leader in the online education space. You could argue it's having one of the biggest impacts on people's digital skill development. It's certainly one of the most successful companies in terms of revenues and fundraising.

And yet, it doesn't actually offer any accreditation -- and says it won't ever. It's all about learning for the joy of learning, says founder Lynda Weinman.

The lack of a degree or credits may give's courses less immediate value to some students, but it's also made the company less threatening to educators, as Weinman explains in the third segment of our Skype interview. And that's been part of the key to its success.

It's purchased by individuals, professors, high school teachers, and companies to help people learn digital skills. "It's for anyone who wants to learn the tools of this generation and be relevant in the digital age," Weinman says.

What's next? Using a recent acquisition and some of that venture cash to go international.

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