SocialParent: The social network for families

By Kym McNicholas , written on April 29, 2013

From The News Desk

At the Launch Festival a new social network emerged. Your reaction to that first sentence had to be just like mine: Argh! Not another one! But it wasn’t until I just spent the weekend with my new God Daughters at a birthday party, that I realized this one in particular is much needed: SocialParent. It’s a social network just for families to connect with their kids’ friends and families.

My best friend and her fellow moms were talking about how they could better connect and make plans.

“What I wouldn’t give for an easy way to find out if anyone wanted to go to the nearby park for an hour and let the kids play on the swings,” exclaimed one mom. “I just want to put an announcement to just my kids friends’ families asking who was free in an hour to join me.”

Turns out, with SocialParent, she can. Yes, she can always do an email blast if she has a group created in her contact list. But email isn’t really conducive to real-time social conversations. Ultimately a chain would be created if everyone replied all. And that’s just messy. It gets even messier when more than one person makes a request each day, and it clogs up your inbox.

What about simply starting a Facebook Group instead? That seemed simple to me. But SocialParent CEO Reza Raji is vehemently opposed to that when comes to family-to-family interactions. He explains why Facebook does not work for families in my interview below: