How anyone can be a sports announcer with YouCommentate

By Kym McNicholas , written on April 29, 2013

From The News Desk

I grew up in a family of football fans. How could you not be a football fan though, growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 90s with the five-time Super Bowl Champion 49ers and their high-scoring West Coast offense? It was an exciting time, and I feel fortunate that, as a kid, my dad turned down the announcer chatter and explain the action to me.

But not everyone has a dad with that much patience, though. The announcers of today, although they’re entertaining, don’t do much for the sport in terms of attracting and retaining new viewers. That's because they expect those who tune in to have a moderately deep knowledge of the game. It'd be great if you could customize announcers' content so  their commentary was commensurate to the football knowledge level of each and every viewer.

But while we probably shouldn't hold our breath for that to happen, YouCommentate offers the next best thing. YouCommentate democratizes the role of the announcer, allowing anyone to provide his or her own commentary to almost any game. Users can turn down the volume on your TV and turn up the volume online to an announcer that fits their style. It's sure to attract armchair quarterbacks, or even aspiring sports broadcasters, who can get an early start and practice calling the big plays.

The platform won’t scale, however, if it only attracts  a bunch of wannabe sportscasters who  immitate what they hear on television. It must reach markets not being served, such as the aspiring sports fan, while not alienating the deeply knowledgable viewer.

I talked to YouCommentate CEO Steve Bealing when his company launched at the Launch Festival. But don't turn down the sound. There's no replacement broadcaster for what he has to say.

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