April 2013

  1. The promise (and refreshingly low hype) of online education

    At some point in 2011 education went from "Oh God, no!" to kinda hot in Silicon Valley.

    By Sarah Lacy , written on

    From the News desk

  2. After wowing with its digital ocean theBlu, Wemo Media gets $2.5M and another co-founder, has more in store

    Wemo Media has built some impressive tools to help digital creators collaborate remotely, but the company realized early on that the power of this idea might be difficult to appreciate in the abstract. So it created a luminous crowdsourced digital underwater ecosystem called theBlu, which invites artists, animators, programmers, and composers to create and sell custom fish both for profit and to support charitable causes.

    By Michael Carney , written on

    From the News desk

  3. LivingSocial takes Andrew Mason's advice with new targeting tech from Custora. But is it too late?

    The daily deals fad has been out of vogue for many months now. Blame market saturation and daily deal "fatigue." Blame an impossibly fast rise, coupled with a lack of targeting and low quality deals. When Andrew Mason left his post as Groupon's CEO last month, he cited one big regret: not using data to give the customers what they wanted.

    By Erin Griffith , written on

    From the News desk

  4. How long can BlackBerry avoid the brink?

    For a CEO whose company had been approaching a perilous brink, Thorsten Heins is looking pretty confident. Heins, who heads Research in Motion, appeared on CNBC Thursday to declare that the company has reached a “turnaround point” and that, despite a dramatic drop in subscribers, “we absolutely have a strong brand.” He said it in a monotone, as if he were the embodiment of "Keep calm and carry on."

    By Kevin Kelleher , written on

    From the News desk

  5. Noowit's attempt to take on Flipboard: A news reader that mimics biology

    With Flipboard, Zite, Prismatic, News360, Pulse, Thirst, and a bunch of others vying to be the world’s best newsreader, it would seem there’s little room for late arrivals. But a small startup from Greece thinks it can offer a point of differentiation by mimicking biological systems to provide readers with a dynamically personalized and responsive reading experience on the Web.

    By Hamish McKenzie , written on

    From the News desk

  6. Are meal delivery services the future of groceries? PandoDaily finds out

    A few months ago, when we asked if meal services like Blue Apron could be “the future of groceries,” a few smartasses on Twitter responded with a flat, matter-of-fact, “No.”

    By Erin Griffith and Michael Carney , written on

    From the News desk

  7. Lyft and the great pink (douchey) mustache debate

    Before we go any further in this CEO Supper Club, I had to get one thing off my chest: I think Lyft's pink mustache gimmick is just awful.

    By Sarah Lacy , written on

    From the News desk

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