Not-so-humblebrag: PandoDaily gets two Emmy nominations

By Sarah Lacy , written on May 1, 2013

From The News Desk

I couldn't agree more with Bryan Goldberg's post today about online video. Having beenĀ part of the team launching TechTicker at Yahoo Finance and TechCrunchTV, I have learned a lot of hard lessons on what works and what doesn't when it comes to online video. And as Bryan says: You can spend hundreds of thousands and still have something that looks terrible, makes no money, and no one watches. It's hard for video to look luxe, and frustratingly easy for it to look all cable access.

When I was starting PandoDaily, I told everyone I didn't want to go near video -- despite my experience on camera, or I guess, really, because of it.

Exactly one thing changed my mind: Kym McNicholas decided to leave Forbes and asked if I was building a video team. Kym is a rare talent in tech: She is talented on camera and a force in the executive producer chair. Last year, she won an Emmy for a video she did at, and I've teased her since that I expect her to replicate that in her first year at PandoDaily.

Lo and behold, we got some good news today: PandoDaily has been nominated for two regional Emmys for two of our flagship series. Our PandoMonthly interview with Zynga's Mark Pincus was nominated in the "Interview/Discussion-Program Special" category, and Kym's Office Crashers series was nominated for an Emmy as well. Kym, Oni Rovatti, Anthony Nielsen, and I share the nomination for PandoMonthly, and Kym and Anthony share it for Office Crashers.

We debated about whether it was too chest-thumping to share this news in a post, but I'm really proud of our team. I think it speaks to what we strive for here: Lower volume so we can really focus on quality. Not only were we the only tech programming nominated for these categories, but we have done it on an absolute shoestring budget, only a year into our existence. We don't even have a studio or office space. Kym and our videographers edit footage all over Silicon Valley -- in Starbucks, friends' offices, and my dining room.

In case you missed the Pincus interview or any of our stellar video content, you can find it all on our video page. Huge thanks to the entrepreneur ecosystem that continually makes for such compelling subject matter.