Come see ShoeDazzle's Brian Lee! PandoMonthly LA tickets on sale now

By Sarah Lacy , written on May 2, 2013

From The News Desk

The LA startup ecosystem is in a make-it-or-break-it year. In recent years the ecosystem has finally received some serious respect and funding, thanks to a bunch of high profile startups that seemed to be on to something. But one by one, many of the most high profile of them have sputtered -- including Viddy, Beachmint, and BetterWorks. One of the leaders who we've covered like a blanket during its good times, its bad times, and now seemingly its good times again is ShoeDazzle.

One reason we've been so hard on ShoeDazzle over the last year is that it was started by one of the best entrepreneurs the LA ecosystem has: Brian Lee. Get your tickets to see him at PandoMonthly next Thursday right now.

Lee co-founded LegalZoom before ShoeDazzle and quickly after. He's angel invested and mentored countless other LA up and comers. His success has given him access to capital and celebrity endorsers that few other LA entrepreneurs have. So there's pressure on Lee to do something big and be a leader.

We have a lot to talk about with Lee from the early days of LegalZoom, to co-founding companies with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba, to what he's learned about hiring CEOs. And of course there's the big question that everyone in the LA ecosystem wants to know: Is ShoeDazzle's seeming comeback for real?

We got booted from our regular venue due to construction, so we'll be at the co-working space Real Office Centers (aka, ROC) in Santa Monica. The event is sponsored by Cornerstone on Demand, one of the only publicly-traded tech companies based in LA.

Regulars know that our LA events always sell quickly, so go buy your tickets now.

Hope to see you there!