Everything an outsider needs to know about LA

By Sarah Lacy , written on May 8, 2013

From The News Desk

It's not a surprise to regular readers that we're bullish on the promise of the LA startup ecosystem. Will it be "the next Silicon Valley"? No. No place will. The same way no place will replace Hollywood as the center of filmmaking. It's not even at the level of New York's tech hub at this point. But that doesn't mean that LA can't emerge as a true hotbed of startup returns, jobs, and cool products.

We've steadily covered the LA scene since Michael Carney joined us more than a year ago, and it's one of only three cities where we host our PandoMonthly events. (Trust me: Dozens ask.) But LA's future as a thriving tech ecosystem is far from assured. Some of its brightest stars haven't always liked what we've had to say...

If you are just starting to wake up to the potential of the LA ecosystem, don't worry. We've got you covered. We're going to devote part of May to telling outsiders everything we've learned that other people may not know about this place. We'll come up with a list of the behind the scenes influencers you may not know about. We'll write about scrappy bootstrappers who don't get enough credit for what they've built. We'll bring you some video footage of the best Santa Monica work environments. We'll even punch a few holes in the myth that LA doesn't produce any real, hardcore technology. And we have a doozy of a CEO Supper Club for you....but more on that later in the month.

We're starting it all with our Thursday night PandoMonthly interview with one of LA's most celebrated entrepreneurs-- Brian Lee. If you live in LA and haven't bought a ticket yet, why not? If you don't live in LA, we'll have the full video on Friday.