Dave McClure is no male chauvinist

By Ondi Timoner , written on May 19, 2013

From The News Desk

In case you missed it, Dave McClure has been under fire for a comment he made at Big Omaha, a Nebraska-based innovation conference. The founder of 500 Startups was giving a lecture at the conference, when he asked a woman in the audience how the battery life was on her iPhone. “It’s fine,” she said, to which Dave replied, “You are a lying bitch.” Of course the woman who responded is not a bitch, but despite the rude comment Dave isn't a male chauvinist pig either.

I’ve been filming Dave on-stage, off-stage and everywhere between since July 2011 and yes, he's a big personality. He's edgy and riles people up. But don’t attend a Dave McClure talk if you are expecting to hear how great you are. He forces his audience to wake up and realize their mistakes. By pointing to the negative he helps founders identify  problems they can solve. Frankly, I like that Dave brings spice to the oftentimes bland world of tech conferences.

What's more, Dave’s mom was a single mother and an entrepreneur herself, so I’d argue  it’s hard to be anti-feminist when your greatest influencer was a woman. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s Dave talking about women in business in an interview we shot in August of 2011.