Forty more tickets on sale for our John Doerr PandoMonthly! (And a new venue...)

By Sarah Lacy , written on May 22, 2013

From The News Desk

The fun thing about doing events every month across three cities is there's a high probability something, somewhere will go wrong. Introduce a bold idea to switch up the look and feel of the marquee event, and well, you're sort of asking for it...

We've been doomed when it comes to venues this month. Our regular LA one was gone, due to construction, leaving us scrambling. Meanwhile the first one we settled on in San Francisco got double booked while we were negotiating the details. Our back up was Terra Gallery-- pricey, but gorgeous and available. Unfortunately we had a miscommunication about just how pricey until we got the invoice this week...

Well, one of our sponsors this month, Atlassian, has come to the rescue. Atlassian has a state of the art amphitheater inside its SOMA office, and we'll be holding our May event with John Doerr there. We've changed the details on Eventbrite, emailed everyone who bought a ticket, and are posting this here and blasting it on social media. If you have a ticket and somehow miss all those memos, I'll give you a free ticket to a future event.

If you don't have a ticket to tomorrow night's event-- and given the rapid sell out, it's safe to say demand way outstripped supply -- I have good news for you! Our chaos is your gain! Atlassian's amphitheater holds 40 more people than Terra, so we've added an additional block of 40 tickets to the event page. Go get, 'em! 

Sorry for the confusion and see you all Thursday evening along with our sponsors, TriNet. Again, huge, huge thanks to Atlassian for the last minute hook up.