Rallyverse, a platform that helps brands spread authentic content, releases API

By Erin Griffith , written on May 23, 2013

From The News Desk

The first wave of social media marketing consisted of fancy publishing platforms that helped brands push and manage content to Facebook and Twitter. Buddy Media (now part of Salesforce), Wildfire (now part of Google), and Vitrue (now part of Oracle) quickly had to expand their offerings to include analytics and ad purchasing.

The one issue they never solved, likely for fear of competing with their ad agency clients, was what brands should be saying on social networks. If Condescending Corporate Brand Page is any indication, plenty of brands are doing social media very, very wrong. Likewise, the sheer volume of social media fails that manage to keep springing up indicate that brands need a lot of guidance on how to best deal with the audiences they've painstakingly built since Facebook introduced pages in 2007.

That's what platforms like Percolate, and now Rallyverse, have launched to do. Percolate's platform suggests content for brand managers to share via social networks. Rallyverse does the same but with slightly more automation, the team explains.

"Yes, content management systems and listening are important and needed solutions, but where the rubber hits the road in social is what you say," Gabe Bevilacqua, co-founder of Rallyverse says. Rallyverse is focused on helping people scale their social content by telling them which Tweets to respond to and what they should be sharing where. Now, it has published its API to allow deeper integration with clients.

The Rallyverse REST API will give its partners access to profile settings, which includes everything that goes into making a set of Rallydeck recommendations, as well as the full content recommendations that Rallyverse produces for each profile. That includes trending topics and the most popular stories shared by the users the client follows on Twitter. Basically, it's a more robust version of what Rallyverse offers existing clients.

The API allows partners to use Rallyverse's special sauce -- its content recommendations -- in other systems. "For clients who may work with a different CMS or publishing client, or are building their own application, the Rallyverse API will now allow them to access Rallyverse recommendations within their own tools," Bevilacqua explains.
It's a development the company helps will distinguish itself from the emerging class of content recommendation engines selling their tools to brands. Percolate has gained some momentum, having raised a $9 million Series A round of funding last fall, led by GGV Capital with participation from existing investor First Round Capital (First Round partner Josh Kopelman is a personal investor in PandoDaily). Rallyverse is slightly younger; it's raised just over $1 million in seed funding from Eleven Cities, Redwood Technologies and Whidbey Ventures. The company has 10 clients with 100 to 200 users each.
Rallyverse also gets compared to Hearsay Social, a social media management platform which is known for its "parent-child" model that helps individual franchise and chain managers to personalize and localize their business's social media accounts.