Imagoo raises $1.2 million for mobile "Hot or Not" with instant answers and challenges

By Erin Griffith , written on June 6, 2013

From The News Desk

Realtime polling is one of those categories that has the potential to descend into FNAC, aka, "feature, not a company." There are now countless ways to solicit instant feedback from friends, strangers, Twitter peeps or whoever on just about anything. For example, Blurtopia, Seesaw and Thumb are two mobile Q&A startups with incredibly engaged audiences hooked on asking strangers for instant feedback on any question. It's not immediately clear how any of them can really be a business. Several other feedback apps have managed to find a way: Poptip, for example, offers instant polling on Facebook and Twitter to brands. Urtak is beginning to charge publishers for premium tools.

Regardless of business model, these startups have tapped into an important observation about human behavior: people positively crave feedback. Instagram hearts, Facebook thumbs ups, Twitter stars -- they all count. The faster we get it, the better.

Imagoo is a one-year-old startup that has jumped on the feedback bandwagon. The company's app has with no marketing accumulated around 17,000 downloads for what is essentially like a version of the famous 90s-era site

The big distinguishing factor is Imagoo's challenges, says 22-year-old founder Mickey Hernandez. Users can essentially each take a photo of, say, their shoes, and ask the other users which is better. They get an instant response. The app has now hosted than 100,000 votes on challenges.

Now, the company raised $1.2 million from an unnamed Las Vegas-based angel investor to build out new features on the app as Hernandez finishes college.