Mayor Bloomberg uses Spotify... oh yeah, and the company is expanding in NYC

By Cale Guthrie Weissman , written on June 27, 2013

From The News Desk

Today at Spotify's New York headquarters, heaps of people crammed inside to hear joint news from the music streaming company and Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Attendees included members of the Mayor's office, the press, Spotify employees, and staff of New York's We Are Made In NY campaign.

The News? Mayor Bloomberg has a Spotify account, and you can access it!

Wait... seriously? Is that it? Oh, also, Spotify is expanding its New York employee base, generating 130 new engineering jobs by 2014, and expanding its offices to a new building in Chelsea.

Spotify, which hit more than 6 million paid users earlier this year and recently acquired music streaming app Tunigo, is not an official "Made in NY" business; the program's criteria is to have more than 75 percent of the workforce stationed in the city. While this expansion will bring Spotify's New York crew to over 200, it will be second largest to its headquarters in Stockholm. As of now, the company has 700 employees with only 150 of them in New York, so it will take a much larger expansion to outpace its Stockholm office. But given that Spotify's current digs are housed in New York's Google building, they'll probably find potential employees merely in the hallways and elevators. The new office building houses a Bed, Bath, and Beyond, so there might not be as many worthy candidates there.

The news was not a huge a surprise to most. Spotify officials mentioned its current efforts to ramp up its web development and monetization efforts, thus the need for more employees and office space. The news was so boring in fact that the event quickly veered off topic, with reporters asking Bloomberg more New York-centric questions pertaining to murders, environmental concerns, and the city's ban on sparklers. In addition we got to hear Bloomberg's thoughts on his soon-to-be born grandchild (spoiler: he's excited!).

The New York government, however, is still enthralled about this news, as it adds credence to Bloomberg's pledge to increase the tech workforce in this city. As he put it, "New York's tech success means great things for all New Yorkers."

Rachel Haot, the City of New York's Chief Digital Officer, echoed Bloomberg's sentiments, highlighting the more than 3,000 jobs currently open in New York's tech sector. According to her, there are more tech jobs available in New York City than any other city in the country. She emphasized how businesses like Spotify are aiding this growth. In contrast, Bloomberg mentioned that businesses like Spotify's wouldn't be as successful were they not in New York: "If you need intellectual capital, this is where you got to be." A true, humble New Yorker.

Talking about the specifics, Spotify's Chief Marketing Revenue Officer Jeff Levick explained that its expanding engineering team will be focused on four aspects: social, radio, mobile, and music discovery.

In addition, we now know that Michael Bloomberg really likes music from the '60s and '70s. Again, not a huge surprise. And if you want to listen to whatever it is he likes, now you can tune in. Maybe we'll see a spike in his listens to "Born To Run," as his term winds down. But my guess is that he's more of a "Born In The USA" kind of guy.