Connecting the dots of Betaworks' massive portfolio

By Erin Griffith and David Holmes , written on July 9, 2013

From The News Desk

Charting the massive number of companies Betaworks has incubated, acquired, built, spun out, invested in, and killed can be a dizzying ordeal. As Erin Griffith puts it, Betaworks iterates more apps "than most people even dream of using."

In advance of tomorrow's PandoMonthly NYC event with Betaworks' CEO John Borthwick (there are still tickets available for only $20!) we wanted to help make sense of the studio's portfolio, both past and present. So we created two charts, one for Betaworks' exits and one for Betaworks' current portfolio, and we based them on the design scheme of what's become one of their biggest hits: Dots.

Granted, these aren't the only companies Betaworks has been involved in (some of its launches barely outlasted their press release; others have lived on as features in other products) but we think this is a good primer for even experienced Betaworks enthusiasts looking to untangle the web of apps and utilities its weaved across the Internet.

Current Portfolio: