For startups which comes first, success or kiteboarding?

By Kym McNicholas , written on July 16, 2013

From The News Desk

I once did the math and calculated that in the one weekend each year when entrepreneurs, executives, and investors gather on the island of Maui for the annual MaiTai kiteboarding event, $7 billion in market cap is skating across the water.

Soon to add to that number could be the founders of walkie talkie app Voxer, guy-rating app Luluvise, and video chat app Tango -- all listed in the last couple of months in the top 20 most popular apps in Apple’s App Store.

The entrepreneurs responsible for them attended this year’s kiteboarding event. And if you consider the success of previous attendees, such as Heroku's James Lindenbaum (Sold to Salesforce for $250 million) and Brands4Friends' Constantine Bisanz (Sold Brands4Friends to eBay for $250 million), Tom Katis (Voxer), Eric Setton (Tango), and Alexandra Chong (Luluvise), you could see some big exits ahead.

Could kiteboarding be their secret to success?