Meet NYC SeedStart's first class of enterprise companies

By Erin Griffith , written on July 25, 2013

From The News Desk

NYC SeedStart, the accelerator backed by New York's Economic Development Council, has been a bit of a pivot machine. It started as general accelerator, then it did a class of media-focused companies, then it didn't do anything for two years. In that time, graduates like DataDog, Olapic and Singly have gone on to have gone on to raise sizable rounds of funding.

Now NYC SeedStart has caught enterprise fever. Maybe you've heard, enterprise is cool now or something. The swift backlash to Facebook's IPO meant investors had to avoid, or at least pretend to avoid, investing in consumer web startups for awhile. They got on soapboxes about revenue and "real technology" and business development. The New York Enterprise Tech Meetup became a cool place to be seen. Companies stretched the term enterprise to include anything that's remotely B2B. Ditzy people at tech parties began gushing things like, "Enterprise, I've heard that's really hot right now!" Even The New York Times is ON IT.

Judging by Snapchat's valuation and the rate at which Yahoo is buying up mediocre apps, I'd say things are shifting back to normal for consumer Web startups. And hey, Facebook doesn't look so bad this quarter either. Equilibrium has been restored.

Trendy or no, enterprise is where NYC SeedStart is planting its seed money this time around. It is the first of two enterprise-focused accelerators in New York. Work -- Bench, a program backed by RR Donnelley, launched last month to help later stage enterprise tech startups foster business development.

NYC SeedStart's first enterprise-focused program began July 8 and will culminate in a demo day in September. The companies range from a document management system to industrial supply marketplace. Check them out below.

Alluring Logic: Mobile CRM tool for retail salespeople. Helps brick-and-mortar retailers get the same level of customer analytics and insights as ecommerce sites have. The company plans to launch its product in a few weeks.

Appeo: Digital services marketplace comparable to Fiverr. Founded by Wendell Brown, who co-founded LiveOps, a call center network which employs 320.

CaseRails: Word processing and document management system focused on legal documents, founded by two ex-lawyers who also happen to be ex-engineers.

Hublished: Webinars + professionals + curation = webinar community.

PartPic: Industrial supply marketplace on mobile. Kindof brilliant in that it identifies the part you need by image rather than name (because who ever knows the name of that random piece that broke off of your juicer?).

NimbusBase: Cloud storage tool that allows users to store data from their apps on Dropbox of Google Drive. Data empowerment!

Quandora: Q&A software for teams and communities. Self-described "StackOverflow" for the enterprise."

Soldthru: Price optimization software for e-commerce companies using on-site conversion rates instead of competitive price benchmarking. Currently deployed with 20 companies including Shopify. Not to be confused with Sailthru, another New York startup.

Vidaao: Video content creator marketplace, connecting video creators with clients. Has paying clients and 500 video content creators on its platform. Not to be confused with the plethora of other video-focused startups whose names start with "Vi," such as Viddy, Videoliscious, Videology, Virool, Vimeo...

[Shameless Charles Schulz imitation by Hallie Bateman]