Did you know you can create and edit your website on the go from your phone?

By Carmel DeAmicis , written on August 21, 2013

From The News Desk

We email on our phones. We skim Facebook on our phones. We keep up with the news on our phones. We check our heart rates, stalk people on social networks by keeping tabs on their location, and engage in a light saber duel on our phones. Mobile is our new bestie, so it makes sense that we can now create and edit websites on our phones.

Jimdo, the German website creator site that's been around since 2007, has just unveiled its new edit-through-iOS feature, which lets users design a website, add posts, change headlines, fiddle with layouts, and upload images all from their itty bitty iPhone screens. Sounds awful to a small screen-o-phobe like me, but I could see how the edit-on-the-go function might be useful when you need to post content ASAP and aren't near your laptop.

The company has been gaining traction as a website builder since 2009, when it first achieved profitability. It's tailored to the less techie among us, with a clear interface for building a site. Anyone who has cursed the complexity of Wordpress would probably have a much easier time with Jimdo. Eight million such sites have been built with it. It wasn't always something you could do on the run. Jimdo came up with its edit-from-your-phone app because its users tried to login into their website backend from their mobile devices an estimated 250,000 times.

Unfortunately for Jimdo, it isn't the first to this market so may not initially snap up scads of new customers with this fresh feature. Wordpress lets people create a website and post/edit content through a mobile app -- although users can't choose site themes through it. Somehow I missed that WP update, but I could definitely use that app. Site builder Joosee focuses exclusively on building and editing websites on your phone.

Part of Jimdo's mobile app navigation Part of Jimdo's mobile website builder navigation

Part of Jimdo's desktop website builder navigation Part of Jimdo's desktop website builder navigation

For current or potential Jimdo users though, the app builder is a definite plus. I found it to be more intuitive to navigate than Jimdo's desktop website builder. That's one of the best byproducts of mobile apps. They force companies to distill their process and think like a user. There's no room for confusion in the small space of a mobile phone.

People creating a Jimdo website on the go can pick from five mobile optimized layouts through the app. Again, I like the theme options better than the ones on Jimdo's desktop website builder. They're clean, uncluttered, and to the point, designed specifically for the iOS app launch, but website builders can choose them regardless of whether they're working on a desktop or phone.

I'd be hard pressed to come up with a situation where you'd rather create and design your website from your phone rather than a computer. Maybe that last minute slacker on the way to a job interview who forgot to build a bit of web presence? On the other hand, editing or posting to your site on the go would be very useful and that's probably the market Jimdo will be tapping into.

What if you have a brain-inspiration and you want to write the blog about it as it hits you? Or if you were out with friends and snapped a bunch of great shots that you know you'll forget to upload to your site later? Well, there's Jimdo.

[Image courtesy James Vaughan]