Apple's social sharing power is dropping

By Carmel DeAmicis , written on September 5, 2013

From The News Desk

There's been a lot of questions lately about whether Apple is falling from its tech leadership position. It has gotten less popular with consumers and has started exhibiting signs of brand souring, with drops in stock price and criticism that it's losing its innovative mojo. Even some of Apple's biggest fanboys have publicly knocked the company and traded their iPhones in for Androids (gasp!).

Now on the eve of the latest iPhone release, a new infographic has more proof of Apple's declining popularity. Unruly, which tracks the social sharing of video ads, found that Samsung Galaxy s4 commercials are being shared on platforms like Facebook and Twitter eight times more than Apple's iPhone 5 ads.

Even more revealing are the stats comparing shares of Apple's iPhone 5 ads with its previous iPhone 4S ads. One in ten people who viewed iPhone 4s commercials shared them, whereas only one in 56 people who viewed iPhone 5 commercials shared them.

Either iPhone needs to fire their video production company, or the numbers reflect a growing boredom with the Apple brand and iPhone product.

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[Image courtesy: Adrian]