Get your tickets for PandoMonthly with Phil Libin now!

By Sarah Lacy , written on September 5, 2013

From The News Desk

The last time I interviewed Phil Libin on stage, we were in Beijing, I only had one baby, and I was still working for TechCrunch. As much as life has changed for me since then, it's changed dramatically for Libin as well.

Evernote is valued just north of $1 billion now and frequently discussed as a potential IPO candidate in coming years. We have a lot to catch up on and you are welcome to join us by buying a ticket to next week's fireside chat with Libin in San Francisco right now.

Libin isn't the central casting consumer Web wunderkind. As I joked the last time I interviewed him onstage, he looks more like Mark Zuckerberg's high school science teacher than the next Mark Zuckerberg. He's similarly not one of those incubator kids who wants to flip a company for a quick payday. Libin has said repeatedly that he wants to build a company that will last 100 years.

What he's less enthused about is taking one public. That should provide an interesting contrast to our last San Francisco guest, Bill Gurley, who still sees going public as something great entrepreneurs should welcome and look forward to.

We only have three PandoMonthly events left this year and we expect tickets to move fast. Get one now before it's too late!