ZappRx raises $1M, looks to the future of e-prescriptions

By Cale Guthrie Weissman , written on September 5, 2013

From The News Desk

If you talk to ZappRx's CEO Zoe Barry, she'll remind you of all of the things that can be done electronically in the blink of an eye. You can order a pizza; you can hail a cab; you can pay your bills; you can board a plane; you can do just about anything. Health care, however, is something she views as "woefully behind" in this vein.

That's why she founded ZappRx last year, and perhaps why her company was able to raise $1 million in seed funding led by Atlas Ventures.

ZappRx makes a smartphone app that streamlines the prescription process. Doctors provide patients with e-prescriptions that both the pharmacy and patient can access, making it easier and less stressful than the paper option. Barry explains ZappRx as a kind of mobile boarding pass, but for your much-needed medications. Given that it's accessed on one database, once a doctor uploads an e-prescription, the pharmacist is made aware, and the patient can easily pick it up by flashing his or her smartphone.

According to Barry, this new funding will be used to further build out the team. As she puts it, the three goals for ZappRx are "fundraising, team raising, and customer raising." As of now, the company has six people working full time and three others on contract.

At the same time, she remained mum on any future business developments, but it sounds like this isn't the last ZappRx update we're going to hear about. Right now, all she would say is that the company is working to refine its technology and then go from there.

In addition, I asked how the New York beta program was going. Interestingly enough, the week when it was supposed to launch was when all the hubbub arose about Apple's developer site being hacked. Due to this, the beta got waylaid for a few weeks. It is just now beginning to re-launch, although Barry says it's slightly scaled down. According to her, during the interim weeks, the company was able to work on some other business necessities that slightly changed the beta's scope. It will, however, be re-launched this month and doctors and pharmacists in both New York and Boston are slated to test it out.

With this new funding Barry seems more than confident about the future of ZappRx. Once the technology is in place, she sees it as only natural that customers will follow suit. "We have a plethora of customers we're going after," she says.

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