Make your life easier: 10 useful 3D printed things

By Neringa Kaukolyte , written on September 12, 2013

From The News Desk

It feels like time runs faster and faster every day. And as life accelerates, the need to save time gets more acute. So let’s take a look at ten 3D-printed items to make life easier.

1. Bag carrier

if-you-need-a-hand-with-the-groceries-you-can-print-a-bag-holder-to-make-it-a-little-easier (2)

This 3D print-ready model of bag carrier seems like an extremely simple idea, but having such a thing will help you to carry three, four, or even five bags in one hand.

2. Toothpaste pusher


It's early morning, and you get out of bed enormously sleepy. You ago directly to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. You set on the kettle and slowly move to the bathroom. Suddenly, you remember you're almost out of toothpaste. Sound familiar? If so, this 3D printed toothpaste pusher could find a place in your bathroom.

3. Cherry pit remover


Pay attention, dear reader, if have a passion for ripe and juicy berries. This item, which removes pits from cherries, is printed in 3D format and designed by RockStarAlchemist.

4. Cigarette case

674x501_1211307_1137897_1373880121 (1)

Let’s meet the… Cigarette case! I am not a smoker, but I can empathize with those, who get irritated when a cigarette cracks in a pocket, wallet, or bag.

5.  Door holder

door_open_holder_preview_featured (1)

"I had a problem with my doors closing by themselves or when the wind blew. The classic door stopper objects (lying on the floor) didn’t work – my children had been taking them away every time," says Joachim, the creator of this great 3D printed door stopper.

6. Shopping cart key


This is a 3D printed shopping cart key, which is definitely useful every time you go to the mall.

7. Hand-cranked power generator


Next thing, which deserves your attention, is a hand-cranked power generator.

The designer of this item, Even Erichsen, got the 1st runner-up award in 3D printing competition, organized by CGTrader. The rotor spins upwards to 4,000 rpm and produces about 40 volts without any load.

8. Gear wrap


Probably there is no need to talk a lot what a gear wrap is. This item helps to keep ear buds, charger cords, and USB cables organized. Designed as an accessory for everyday carrying, it is extremely light and strong.


9. Bike-clamp for cell phone


Simple, but extremely useful. If this item reflects your lifestyle, buy this model, print it, and use it.

10. Ear-pod


A simple, durable 3D printed item to clip onto your ear-pod to make them more securely fixed.