Whitetruffle: Another platform claiming to fix the "broken" recruiting system

By Cale Guthrie Weissman , written on September 19, 2013

From The News Desk

I get it, hiring sucks. The trope is becoming old now. Every few days a new method or insight comes along that re-illuminates the fact that hiring is not fun, which, in the tech world translates to "we need to change it." Because everything is supposed to be fun and easy, right?

Today a company by the name of Whitetruffle is exiting an extended beta period, and, what do you know, it claims it's changing hiring.

Whitetruffle's recruiting platform strictly focuses on the matching of employee to employer. It uses an anonymized system where job-seekers fill out a profile detailing their qualifications. Companies look at these profiles sans-name and decide -- solely based on the qualifications -- who would be a good fit. When the company chooses a candidate, he or she will be notified and Whitetruffle will get him or her in contact with the interested company.

The platform is also collecting data about candidate's qualifications and companies' decisions. CEO Alex Deve told me this is to create an ever-improving job-matching algorithm. According to him, the company is looking to know "what people say yes to and what people say no to." Of course, this data building takes time and will continue grow and become more useful as Whitetruffle grows.

Whitetruffle has been around for two and a half years and has already handled more than 30,000 job candidates. While its a pretty open-ended platform, it generally attracts those seeking tech positions, with San Francisco, New York, and Seattle respectively holding the highest candidate pool. Deve said more than 2,000 companies have already dabbled in the platform. This includes TaskRabbit, Eventbrite, Shoprunner, and Vimeo.

The platform is completely free to use, but provides a deluxe subscription service for companies starting at $660 per month.

Of course, there's the question: Why is this platform different from all other job recruiting platforms? If you ask Deve, he can give you a million reasons about how it cuts recruiting costs, is more efficient, as well as tout numerous companies' satisfaction. But that still doesn't quite answer it. Any new hiring technology claims to be unique with myriad success metrics -- and it if doesn't, it sure as hell doesn't stand a chance in this crowded market.

Many see the real hiring trend going toward social, and it is notable to see a new platform going down a different path. At the same time, if you talk to any recruiter or business executive, what they value most is referrals. The anonymized nature of Whitetruffle completely eliminates the personal touch referrals create that so many rely on.

Deve responded by saying that companies will always utilize numerous avenues to fill positions, and Whitetruffle is just one of those. In his opinion, it's the must successful and efficient (spoken like a true CEO). Also, its data-collecting could make for a useful tool in the future.

He also explained that Whitetruffle helps create networks of potential candidates with which companies can keep in touch. It is sort of like always having a reserve of talent. In fact, he claimed that 50 percent of the hires made with Whitetruffle thus far came from people already holding full-time positions. There is something to be said for knowing there's a qualified and amiable candidate right at your fingertips.

Is that enough? I don't know. I always thought LinkedIn was enough. But with $1.6 million raised thus far, Whitetruffle is really hoping it will solve this whole recruiting "crisis."

And maybe it will, and maybe I'll never have to hear the words "hiring" and "broken" in the same sentence again. Or, even worse, "the resume is dead." But that's just me daydreaming.