Listen to PandoWeekly with Alexis Ohanian

By Erin Griffith , written on October 4, 2013

From The News Desk

Alexis Ohanian is a guy who lives his Internet life to the fullest. Probably his real life, too, but that's not what we discussed on today's PandoWeekly.

You'll have no problem finding pretty much everything you'd ever want to know about the Reddit co-founder, angel investor and activist all over the Web, so I tried not to retread too much of that in this week's episode of PandoWeekly.

I enjoyed talking to Ohanian because he is just so damn positive. No amount of government stupidity, big business meddling, Internet trolls or cynical New Yorkers can shake his excitement about the Web. He has never even "unplugged" from the Internet, although he says that may change after he returns from his five-month, 150-stop tour of college campuses to promote his new book, Without Their Permission.

In the book, he takes a few of the biggest lessons he's learned from the startup world -- particularly the idea that improvising and not knowing what you're doing are positives to be embraced -- and applies them to the rest of the world.

On today's episode of PandoWeekly, we discussed the dangers of that, like creating thousands of willfully ignorant "hustlers." We also discuss why he likes Bitcoin, New York's tech scene versus Y Combinator, millennial apathy, privacy, Stop Watching Us, and entrepreneurship with a lower case "e." Listen below.

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