Old dog learns new tricks: CyberLink moves into the mobile market

By Carmel DeAmicis , written on October 8, 2013

From The News Desk

The other day I met with the rarest of technology companies, a PC-only software called CyberLink. Once upon a time, CyberLink dominated. It was the default DVD software in all PCs, and its logo could be recognized the world over.

But then, Apple found its second life. Macs made a comeback, and PC users began dropping like flies, reborn as Apple fanboys.

Or so it seems in Silicon Valley. But the truth is, in the rest of the world PC numbers are still substantial. There were 353 million PCs sold worldwide in 2012, compared to  18.1 million Macs. And with each of those PCs comes a CyberLink PowerDVD player.

For those CyberLink users out there, the company is trying to make itself flexible and relevant. Today it announced PowerDVD Live, a way of storing videos in the cloud and then accessing them on Windows/Android/iOS mobile. That's right. CyberLink is biting the bullet and making itself compatible with Apple products.

Smart move, given that tablet sales are on the rise and PC sales -- albeit huge -- are slowly declining.

Nowadays, if you buy the physical disk of a movie you get a digital copy. CyberLink's new offerings allow you to put that digital copy in the cloud, and then play it through the CyberLink app on Android or iOS. Voila: all your DVDs, available on demand. The same goes for any music or images a PC user stores in CyberLink.

Another handy detail: CyberLink transcodes the videos or songs that an iPad wouldn't be able to play into a format that it can read. So if you're an avid Internet downloader (a legal pirate, I'm sure), CyberLink will do the heavy lifting to get whatever file you've found into a mobile-readable format.

This is the first of CyberLink's application conversion efforts. In the future, it hopes to introduce PowerDirector and PhotoDirector -- its prosumer video/image editing software -- to mobile. With this hypothetical future product, your video and image assets are held in the cloud so you can edit them from any device.

The move is anecdotal evidence on the direction of the PC product industry. Although there are millions (billions) more PC users in the world than Mac users, mobile is the way of the future and Android/iOS dominate that market. Old dogs are adjusting, otherwise they'll end up slowly disappearing along with their PC brethren.

[Image Credit: *therovingsheepon Flickr]