Working hard or hardly working? Inside the ultimate man cave at Thrillist

By Sarah Lacy , written on October 9, 2013

From The News Desk

Every morning Ben Lerer starts his day by walking through a sea of balloons and grabbing a beer from his assistant... apparently.

Welcome to the triumphant return of Office Crashers with our inside peak at the ultimate man cave: Thrillist's New York HQ. In this video, co-founders Lerer and Adam Rich tell us about how their little corner of SoHo went from all OBGYNs to all startups in a matter of a few years.

There's a rug with a dude's face on it, beer on tap, a bartender mixing up drinks, a kegerator, a putting green, skateboards, graffiti, and... oh yeah, the two insist some work actually gets done amid the collective bro-mance.

Enjoy the inside peek at one of New York's hottest content-commerce up and comers, built firmly out of the founders' dude-a-riffic images.

PS: Poor Jenna.