Evox Television: Content that's paid for or is it paid-for-content?

By Kym McNicholas , written on October 23, 2013

From The News Desk

When I was in sixth grade a substitute teacher led a classroom-wide discussion about "The Cosby Show" from the night before. Everyone in the class seemed to have watched the episode but me. Ten years later I saw my former teacher at a local grocery store, and she remembered me as the girl whose parents wouldn’t let her watch primetime television. I guess we were abnormal focusing on family time and homework.

Today, I’m making up for lost time, watching everything and anything I can. I am up on every single new show and network that pops up. There are hundreds of new channels available today. Of course, I have to check out every single one of them. So, I’m certainly the most annoying person to watch television with as I am constantly channel surfing. There are so many choices that I wonder how all of these networks are able to make money. Advertisers only want to be where the eyes are and they’re more spread out then ever.

In comes Evox Television, a new network focusing on a healthy lifestyle and feel good content. It’s taking a different approach to making money. It's a bit like the Home Shopping Network except it's content-driven. Founder/CEO Xav Dubois has created a marketplace for products featured in the network’s various series, such as celebrity environmentalist Ed Begley Jr.’s “On Begley Street,” a show documenting the construction of a green home. Ed has his own page in the marketplace that features and sells all of the products he’s chosen to use for his home.

For other products in Evox's marketplace, content is created around them. That’s where this network could be seen as paid-for-content. You know, like creating a TV show around, say, Axe Body spray. Would you watch that?

Dubois contends in the video below that it’s just the opposite: it's content that's simply paid for through product sales. The catch is that the companies are not paying for their products to be featured or sold. Xav and his team choose their favorite socially good products so that the content is, he says, true and honest.

I guess it all comes down to trust.

You be the judge:

Take a look: